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-In me the tiger sniffes the rose.

jaegermighty says: # X-MEN oh my goddd ok ok ok so rogue’s story is meant to be tragic and it is for sure but. but. think about the power of a girl who can’t be touched who doesn’t have to do /anything/ to be fearsome she just /exists/ and people are frightened nobody /ever/ touches her without permission because her touch is /deadly/ now think about 13 year old meagan watching this movie and all the ways that logan /does/touch her always carefully and reverently and always with that touch of hesitance and awe because he knows her power and he respects it but he’s also not AFRAID OF IT look at his face. look at him looking at her hand and thinking ‘do it. take it all. you deserve it.’ GOD is it any wonder this is what we shipped?? the deadliest girl in the worldand a man like wolverine - arguably the main focus of the franchise even back then - who spends the ENTIRE MOVIE being threatened and hurt b and not giving one single shit because he could take it and she needed it and that’s all that mattered UGH this movie like. modern classic tbh as much as i love comic!rogue characterization bryan singer created something really powerful with this incarnation of her and it had so much potential to be a really cool commentary on gender and power dynamics and all that and of course he just ignored it. sure. ok.

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 - While I was watching the finale I couldn’t help but immediately think of ”Your happiness” when Slade said ”Your Felicity” and I just thought it needed to be maid into a gif. Because she is the one that brings light into his darkness. She is his happiness. 

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So while they are all down in the lair, Oliver’s doing shirtless exercises. How does Felicity concentrate? 

Concentrate? She just stares at him. She’s like oh there you are 

#i love it#i love how unashamed felicity is about her physical attraction to oliver#and yet so quick to call any romance between them ‘unthinkable’#i think it confuses some people#and that’s why fandom believes felicity is ‘pining’#and that she’s desperately in love with him#but felicity is a logical person who deals in facts#and the facts are that the dude is hot as hell#so she’s not going to pretend he’s not#it’s not in her natue to do that#but that’s as far as it goes#she has tremendous respect for him as a person#and that respect is why she is so quick to call him out when he’s wrong#they share a common goal and cause#which is why she is so encouraging and quick to give him a pep talk when he needs it#but in love with him?#i don’t think so#she doesn’t allow herself to think of him as a real romantic option#and not because she doesn’t think she’s good enough#or pretty enough#or anything like that#simply because he’s Oliver and he has Gorgeous Laurel who she STILL BELIEVES HE LOVES WHY DOES NO ONE TALK A OUT THAT#and he has Sara who I’m sure she doesn’t know all the details of that beak-up#she just knows that they have a history just as long and rich as his and laurel’s#so yea in her eyes they’re not heading for romance anytime soon#and she’s cool with that#but that doesn’t mean she can’t stare at him while he’s doing the salmon ladder
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I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again): I’m a huge, huge fan of whoever writes the tags for the thecwarrow page. Because that person is hilarious — and apparently a HUGE Olicity fan :) Just look at that 3rd photo, it’s like that person is channeling us! HAHAHA! BRILLIANT JOB, as always.


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"But what About the Men?!" - Is Feminism Sexist?


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Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point

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Hogwarts houses + mood board           ~ [Gryffindor]

Hogwarts houses + mood board
           ~ [Gryffindor]

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He made the right choice. [x]

wow someone actually took that advice literally



He made the right choice. [x]

wow someone actually took that advice literally

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fuck yeah she is

God please let her be a buff powerlifting babe


fuck yeah she is

God please let her be a buff powerlifting babe

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To those who don’t understand the difference between DC and Marvel,







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Troians only weakness [X]

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